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Update: Phoenix officer calls 5-day suspension too harsh for running and slamming young girls head into concrete wall.

This YouTube video sparked a yearlong investigation. A disciplinary review board recommended a 32-hour or 4-day suspension. But Chief Daniel Garcia thought the punishment should be more severe and gave Larrison a 40-hour or 5-day suspension. Typically that’s the maximum number of days you can suspend an officer.

So a 4 day punishment is adequate? And the asshole fights a 5 day punishment? They’re both unreasonable! That asshole needs to be fired. What he did could’ve given that girl brain damage.

Look, the cop assaulted her and he did it under the colors of his badge. He should be served with the same assault charges that the general public is charged with.

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She is clearly walking. Why was that necessary? 

Fucking coward.

Monday, that officer appealed, saying his punishment is too harsh, fighting the 5-day suspension at a hearing.

Larrison has since appealed the chief’s decision and today he went through his first city civil service hearing.

Sources told us Larrison has at least three experts within the department who watched the video and agree he acted within policy.

The results of Monday’s hearing won’t be made public for about a month. That’s when the city’s civil service board will make a decision.

He reacted within policy. He. reacted. within. policy. Tell me again that bad cops are just bad apples.

In what world is this an acceptable policy? Do they expect us to walk around wearing helmets 24/7 so some sociopath cop doesn’t crack our heads open? This guy is a danger to the general public. Get him off the street. If you need to take down a girl that size by running at full speed and slamming her head into the wall, you shouldn’t work in law enforcement. Get rid of the overly violent cops before they kill someone.

Where’s that kid who was like “Just don’t break the law and cops are nice people” last night I’d love to see their spin on this

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